Slitting saw cutting machine MDC30-TUFS

Model MDC30-TUFS

The MDC10 TUFS, MDC20 TUFS, MDC30 TUFS machines are sawing lines from coil while the MC10 TUFS and MC30 TUFS machines are sawing lines from straighten tubes. The saw cut gives excellent
geometry at the extremity of the tube. All these machines offer great versatility, in terms of diameter (from 2 to 45 mm) and thickness (from 0.1mm), and as they do in materials (copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, …), thanks to the digitisation of the descent of the saw. To meet the needs of the most demanding customers, quick-change tool systems have been developed (belts, feeding gripper, clamping jaws, straighteners). These machines are used in the automotive, aerospace, heat exchanger sectors, etc.

On MDC models, the feeding of the tube is driven by a couple of belts. For special applications, straightening can be done with a rotary straightener and a cut on the fly (electronic control). On models
type MC, progress of the tube is managed by an electric gripper which minimises the scrap. Upstream of the machine, a bar loader provides autonomy.

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