Straightening and cutting machine MDC70-cr

Model MDC70-cr

The straightening and cutting machine MDC70-cr is dedicated to the ribbed wire from 8 to 16mm.

From the MDC20CR to the MDC70CR the machines are designed to straighten and cut reinforcing wire, whether hot-rolled or cold-ribbed.

RAVNI straightening and cutting machines are specially designed for heavy duty productions with superior working quality. They are equipped with reliable devices which have been tested under tough conditions and with all of the newest technologies. All the rollers are driven which allows to use a non powered decoiler. Rotary straightener is equipped with preset tools so that you can save time and material when changing the diameter. The efficiency of the machines can also be measured in the performance obtained, since production rates of 120 meters per minute (20 bars of 6 meters per minute) can be reached.

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