Straightening, cutting, chamfering machine MDC20-CH for short wires high production rate

MDC20-CH chamfering machine from coil

The machine MDC20-CH is a straightening-cutting-chamfering machine. The cut bars in steel or stainless are automatically recovered from the cut-off machine and chamfered. The working range is from 3 to 6mm and the lengths between 110mm and 1000mm. The working rate can achieve 120 parts per minute. This machine is well designed for the cross wires of cable trays. A special conveyor can also feed automatically the welding machines.


– Our welded frames are heavy and rigid to avoid vibrations and guaranty stable productions
– Speed variation allows covering a wide range of diameters and material (stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, copper….)
– Standard carbide tools
– Fast to change and simply to use
– Spray lubrication
– Chips collection

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